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         What Would You Buy With $6 Trillion Dollars?

So today I found out something that shocked me. Apparently anti-mafia

prosecutors in Italy had discovered $6 trillion dollars in fake US bonds. These

bonds were dated back to 1934 which gives me good reason to believe they

had less security features on them. The less security is probably why they forged

these documents as they were trying to get away with it. Even though these guys

were smart, how did they expect to get away with $6 trillion dollars in bonds (not

to mention coupon payments and also not to mention $6 trillion is a little less

than half our debt, which is currently at about $15 trillion). That makes me really

question how smart these guys were. These bonds were apparently $1 billion

dollars each. Well, anyways they were all fake and the guys were caught. All

eight of them. They called this operation Vulcania. The police found out they

planned to use this money to buy plutonium from nigerian sources. If this scam

continued, prosecutors said it would have caused "severe instability" in

international economies. (source: bloomberg.com)

So tell us in the chat box, what would you buy with $6 trillion dollars?

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